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Eiffel Cake, not only providing a delicious tasty cake and a beautiful shape of cake, we also provide a friendly, personal services, with a high level of care for our customers to produce your personal dream cake.

With tagline "Romance is in the Cake", we hope when our client bought our cake, it's not only buying a cake, but also a special experience together with our cake.  

At Eiffel Cake, we provide wedding cake, birthday cake and souvenirs with chocolate or cake as the main ingredients. We offer lots of variety cakes, with different sizes, shapes, and flavors. The wedding cake is decorated in 6 types, which is: Flower, Jewel, Art, Doll, Cupcakes and Real cake. Your own personal choice in creating your own personal design for your wedding cake, will reflect yourself and how your personality are. You may choose a sophisticated elegant look, or show your playfulness and sense of humor to represent "your" style.

Here are 4 various types of wedding cake recipes:  Cheese Cake, Opera Cake, Black Forest and Lapis Surabaya. Try our sample of the cakes, and tell the difference after that..


Vyfi Anggraini
Eiffel Cake

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